Photography by SHARE

In the United States alone, an estimated 400,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or uterine cancer each year.

One organization dedicated to removing any feelings of isolation and strengthening the bonds between such women is SHARE, a New York City-based nonprofit that works to “connect these women with the unique support of survivors and peers, creating a community where no one has to face breast, ovarian, uterine or metastatic breast cancer alone.”

SHARE provides free access to support in several ways. For example, its 24-hour national helpline is 100 percent womaned by volunteers who are cancer survivors or caretakers for those with cancer, who can lend an empathetic ear to someone who is newly diagnosed because they’ve been there. In addition, it offers biweekly, peer-led support groups to help foster community and share coping techniques for both women with cancer and caregivers.

Education is an important aspect of the organization’s work as well. SHARE provides access to dozens of educational programs led by some of the world’s leading surgeons, oncologists, therapists, and counselors to help women advocate for themselves and lead their best lives.

And that means all women. SHARE pays particular attention to underserved women—many of its volunteers are underserved women themselves helping others in their communities, whether it’s through outreach, support, education, self-advocating, or getting access to health care. The nonprofit’s outreach programming includes SHARE Ambassadors, who specifically focus on educating Latina, African American, and Caribbean communities about health. Even its helpline offers assistance in nineteen languages, and it has an entirely Spanish-language site called LatinaSHARE.

When you’re facing a serious medical condition, some of your best friends are knowledge, empowerment, and relationships. Ultimately, they’re exactly what women with breast, ovarian, uterine, or metastatic breast cancer receive from SHARE.

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