Working out is a lifestyle for many and a chore for others. Regardless of where you fall, embracing a healthier lifestyle can be made all the more exciting with a unique workout class to look forward to. These trendy classes are all the rage for a reason, and it looks like many are here to stay. Check out one of these cool calorie-burners for yourself and discover a new healthy calling.

*You should consult your health-care professional before beginning any new fitness regime. Remember to listen to your body. Warm up before your workouts, and don’t forget to take a break if you feel fatigued!

groovin’ ZUMBA

What combines Latin jams with a whole lot of dance and a little bit of socializing? Zumba fitness—a dance-style workout that incorporates aerobic-based cardio at different levels of intensity. Don’t think you have the moves?
As a judgment-free zone, Zumba is all about embracing who you are. Many people in the class aren’t professionals; it’s more about giving it your all. Zumba is for the experienced or the inexperienced—there is no prerequisite other than having an open mind about feeling good and having fun. Seamlessly flowing from one hit to the next, you’ll be feeling like a pro dancer without even realizing it. As they say, dance is the universal language, and Zumba is a workout trend that takes this saying and grooves to it.

POUND it out

If your dream job as a kid was to be the next star drummer, your time to shine may come in the form of a fitness trend. Stemming from the Hollywood Hills, the POUND workout incorporates you into the music. The lightweight drumsticks used during POUND will strengthen key muscles—namely your core and arms—as well as improve flexibility and endurance. This group workout focuses on keeping with the beat, which is a large part of the intense and motivational atmosphere. The rhythmic training is even geared toward those who are not musically inclined. With a potential calorie burn of 500–900 calories in the 45-minute class, it’s one trend not to miss out on. This class also builds resistance and concentration—you’ll be so focused on keeping the rhythm, it won’t even feel like a workout. POUND may be the ideal class for a much-needed break in your day.

Photo credit: Pound

SOULCYCLE to success

If you have access to the internet or happen to stumble upon reality television from time to time, you may know about the SoulCycle craze. A celebrity and influencer favorite (devotees Lea Michele, Kelly Ripa, and Lady Gaga swear by it), a typical cycling class encompasses a motivational 45-minute full-body ride with a top hits playlist—resulting in a 500–700 calorie burn payoff. What started in 2006 in New York City has grown into a business that attracts thousands across its many locations each week. Who can say no to a candlelit room—assuring virtually no one can see (nor care) how hard you’re sweating—with a thumping bass and an instructor who, in that hour, seems to care more about your well-being than you do? It’s a full-body workout and a therapy session all in one—except instead of talking it out, you’re working it out. Part of the success in the class is in the team mentality of the workout. Your fellow riders push you to work harder and faster, and, before you know it, the 45 minutes are up. Over ten years later, SoulCycle is the workout trend that keeps on riding.

a top HIIT

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of workout that includes short bursts of exercise followed by quick rests. The idea is to give it your all in intervals in order to maximize effort and calories burned. A specific class that mirrors a HIIT style of fitness is Orangetheory—which stays true to the concept of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. EPOC simply means you continue burning calories long after the workout is done. The class also utilizes a heart rate monitor, which is designed to make you push harder throughout the workout.What makes HIIT different from other types
of workouts is how quickly your metabolism adjusts. You can burn 500 or more calories from a workout. A HIIT workout can also be done without equipment, which means that you can do it almost anywhere—making it a great option for those on the go or pressed for time.

BOX ‘til you drop

Another Hollywood favorite (thanks to either Rocky or entertainment news segments), boxing is no longer a workout exclusively for the elite or those in tip-top shape. This fitness activity boosts your cardiovascular health, decreases stress, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Similar to POUND, this HIIT-based workout will get out any aggression you have from those road bumps in your day. It builds bone strength and stamina, and it challenges you. It’s not a workout for the faint of heart, but it is one that has many positive outcomes. A boxing workout might consist of (depending on your level) three-minute intervals of sparring and continue with speed-ball and heavy-bag training. It’s important to have a certified trainer help you while you’re going through the different rounds, but from the get-go, boxing can be a great way to build confidence and engage in a stress-free workout.

happy hour at the BARRE

Ballet may seem out of reach for those who didn’t take classes growing up, but the barre workout trend is more about bringing your energy and less about professional-level technique. It’s a ballet-inspired and strength-training workout that tones muscles. Combined with a healthy diet, doing barre workouts multiple times a week will produce long-term results for your body. Exercises throughout this class include stretching, core strengthening, and multiple reps of small movements that tone and elongate your muscles. Barre is also great for those who enjoy low-intensity workouts, as it’s more about range of motion than going all out. This makes it ideal for people with sensitive joints and tendons and people with spinal issues. In fact, barre is shown to help injuries, rather than prolong them, as long as core muscles are used and a straight posture is maintained throughout the workout.

Workout trends can often elicit eye rolls from the masses, but once you attempt one of these classes, you may just see the appeal in the trend. These workouts can burn a significant number of calories, can get even the least physically inclined person excited to hit the gym at the end of the day, and can boost overall well-being—making for a happier, healthier you.