Are you prone to overpacking for travel? Read the tips below on how to pack light. By doing so, you can save money on a plane, avoid the hassle of lugging around a stuffed suitcase, and create more room in your car.

  1. Make your packing list

Many people tackle their trip preparation by making a list, but you might be building your list incorrectly. You should review your itinerary before you begin packing so that your items are tailored to what you actually need versus what you think you might need. Ask someone else to review your list and suggest what can be cut. Another set of eyes can be helpful.

  1. Choose versatile items

Overpacking is often the result of not choosing items carefully enough. Most items you pack should serve multiple purposes or be used for more than one day. For example, when you’re packing shoes for a beach trip, pick one pair of closed-toe shoes and one pair of sandals.

  1. Organize and invest in good luggage

High-quality luggage and luggage organizers are essential to packing efficiently. When you can see all your items neatly packaged in one place, you’re more likely to feel as though you’ve packed enough. Consider purchasing a suitcase that meets the requirements for an airplane carry-on. Using a smaller bag forces you to prioritize what you pack.

  1. Weigh and revise

Once you’ve gathered your belongings and packed them neatly, carry your suitcase or bag up and down a flight of stairs. If you’re struggling, it’s time to rethink what you’ve packed. You can also consider buying a personal luggage scale to ensure your luggage doesn’t exceed the maximum weight for a carry-on.

Pack light to spend less money and energy on your luggage and more time having fun!