Think of the activities that brought you true joy as a child. Four square, capture the flag, hopscotch, climbing trees, and jumping on a trampoline are just some of the activities that may pop into your head. But did you know that some of the popular games you grew up loving have been resurfacing as adult workout classes around the world? For example, Rabble, a UK-based fitness company, specializes in turning kids’ games into HIIT-style workout classes that focus on endurance and, most importantly, having fun.

The idea of transforming a workout into something that doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout has been a trend for years. It’s based on the notion that there’s more motivation to get fit when you have something like playing tag on your calendar instead of an hour at the gym. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a gym session, experts have emphasized the mental benefits of switching up your workout routine every now and then.

This same principle exists in many different forms across the United States, too. Trampoline classes are among the most popular fitness classes, with some gaining a following among celebrities. That’s right—jumping on a trampoline, sometimes known as rebounding, is now an effective high-cardio, low- impact workout.



Research has backed up the benefits of trampoline workouts for decades, with a NASA report (published in 1980 in the Journal of Applied Physiology) even indicating that this type of workout is more beneficial than running. A 2016 American Council on Exercise study had similar results, reporting that you can burn as many calories per minute jumping on a mini-trampoline as you would running on flat ground at a six-miles-per-hour pace. A less-scientific finding from these studies also noted the enjoyment levels of those who participated. The bottom line? Working out on a trampoline is just plain old fun.

Enjoyment is not a factor to be underestimated when it comes to carving time out of your busy day to burn calories. A University of New Hampshire study concluded that positive exercise-related memories can even increase your motivation to exercise. It may take some time to find a workout that works for you (and that doesn’t feel like work), but the results are worth it. There are already so many benefits to working out—having more energy, increasing the dopamine levels in your brain, and sleeping better. In addition, a high enjoyment factor can also help you achieve a state of flow (sometimes referred to as being “in the zone”) that will further enhance your workout.



photo courtesy of: trampoLEAN

There are hundreds of trampoline workout studios across the US, some that infuse things like ballet, weight training, and black lights for a twist, and some that keep it simple, like Louis Coraggio’s New York City studio, trampoLEAN. Coraggio opened one of the nation’s top-rated trampoline workout studios after realizing his passion for jumping while teaching classes at Chelsea Piers. With a background in exercise science and teaching experience under his belt, Coraggio went on to build his trampoline workout business.

What makes trampoLEAN different from other trampoline studios?

We’re really focused on movement, good form, and a high amount of body awareness. There are a lot of studios that do choreograph-based trampoline workouts, but we keep it simple to focus on our clients’ form. TrampoLEAN is more corrective exercise-based.

Describe the various classes you offer:

We have an abs-and-interval class, where you’re jumping on the trampoline about 70 percent of the class and sculpting without bouncing the other 30 percent of the class. The class also utilizes hand weights and resistance bands. We offer a rave-like class on Fridays with fluorescent lighting, which people really enjoy, and Mondays are our core conditioning classes, which focus on glutes and abs. All classes are great no matter what level you’re at, and we give modifications as well as the proper jump technique at the beginning of every class so everyone can get the most out of their time on the trampoline.

What are the physical and mental benefits?

Trampoline workouts are very low impact, making them easy on the joints. The classes can be great for your core strength as well, especially when you factor in your force output, or how strong you push into the trampoline. Our classes are breath guided to enhance the mind-and-body connection. Another benefit that people may not have as much awareness about is the positive impact it has on your lymphatic system (the system that rids your body of toxins). When you land on the trampoline, it’s unique in the sense that it pulls everything “down,” so it helps to circulate lymphatic flow.

What are your clients’ typical reactions after taking a class?

After taking their first class, a lot of people realize how hard it is. We try to make our classes challenging, but also fun, and something that will inspire people to work out. People say that the class sparked something in them, and for a lot of our clients, it’s the only place they go to get a workout in. We also do private training and events, so people will book the studio for things like corporate team building.


The next time you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to work out, consider trying a rebounding class. You may just discover your love for bouncing and all that this cool fitness method does for your physical and mental health.

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